Sketching a view towards Santa Cruz, Alicante

Those of you that follow my posts may have seen my sketch looking over the city towards the cathedral – sketching in Alicante. That was a view from the back of the old town at Santa Cruz towards the city. I went back to a spot near-by and did another view, this time towards the west and the chapel of Saint Roc and Church of Santa Cruz – but first a matter of a few steps up…

Steps up to Santa Cruz, Alicante

This is my view towards the Chapel of Saint Roc – and the wind-swept tree behind it is in the courtyard of the Church of Santa Cruz – also a good place for views over the city.

The view towards San Roc and Santa Cruz, Alicante

My drawing in-situ…

My sketch in-situ

…and another view – almost finished.

Sketch Almost finished

Below is my finished scanned drawing. This is one of my drawings that I intend to turn into a painting though the amount of detail makes that a little daunting. As you can probably tell from the photos it was a balmy evening, warm and sunny. With the city below gearing up for another Friday evening it was time to head back down in search of somewhere to eat.

My scanned drawing

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