Sketching on the Placa de Quijano, Alicante

After doing a couple of sketches of the views over Alicante, I decided to drop down to one of the small squares on the edge of the old town. Here you are getting into an area with quite a few bars and nightclubs – which are mostly closed during the day. Finding a seat in a corner of the square I settled on drawing the frontage of one of these nightclubs – The ‘Calle Jon’.

Below – The ‘Calle Jon’ and my initial sketch in-situ.

My finished drawing – part 1

Drawing is always a bit of an experiment and there are different ways that you can go about producing a drawing. In this case I started on one relatively small area of interest and then just kept going. Having finished my first drawing (above) I decided that I would extend this out into a more panoramic view – but that would take more than one sitting. I’m finding that with my more complicated drawings it is often more comfortable to break up the drawing into sessions of – say – an hour and then come back another time and do some more.

For this drawing I later moved across to another corner of the square and draw another part of the square with steps leading up to the old town.

Here is the view.

Here is my second drawing.

Calle de San Agustin, Alicante

Later, back in England, I scanned my drawings and put them together. Piecing drawings together can be tricky, especially on a panorama, where differences in perspective can create unexpected results. In this case I was lucky and my two drawings went together pretty seamlessly. Here’s the result – my finished drawing.

Placa de Quijano – my finished drawing

I may add a little further detail and intend to turn this into a painting at a future date, but suspect this might be something for the winter!

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