Sketching in Blewbury II

On a recent visit to Blewbury, I drew a house on the main through road –The Dower House– the subject of my previous post.

Taking a short walk into the village on quieter roads is a rewarding experience and here you are more likely to meet pedestrians rather than cars. Blewbury has quite a few really nice old cottages and houses – with thatched roofs, half-timber construction, plastered walls and that old building charm.

I have drawn Wayside Cottage before – or rather Wayside Cottage and those adjacent to it, though from a different angle.

Here are some views of these cottages…

… and here is my sketch in-situ and as a scan.

My scanned sketch of Wayside Cottage, Blewbury

I think this is definitely one to turn into a watercolour and plan to do more painting in the winter, light permitting.

For comparison here is that earlier watercolour of Wayside Cottage from 2019..

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