Sketching in East Hagbourne.

East Hagbourne is a pretty village a couple of miles south of Didcot, in southern Oxfordshire. It has a handsome church, a 15th century stone cross and a core of thatched and half timbered houses – as well as a good pub.

Here is a view of the village cross with ‘Tudor House’ and barn in the background. This was the subject of one of my more detailed paintings from a couple of years ago – ‘East Hagbourne Cross‘.

On this particular trip the weather contrasted between sunshine and some quite heavy showers.

After a walk around the village I settled down to draw a row of houses along the road towards the village pub – the Fleur de Lys. Here’s the view as I started sketching, but after half an hour or so the rain swept in and it was time to take cover!

Below is a more brooding view – the rain arriving…

… and of my sketch in-situ.

Later, back at home I scanned in my sketch, below…

East Hagbourne – a view towards the pub.

…and added some watercolour.

East Hagbourne – adding some watercolour

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