A day trip to Marlborough

Last week I took a day trip to the old market town of Marlborough in Wiltshire – in search of inspiration and perhaps a little sketching.

Marlborough is on an old coaching route from London to Bristol, Bath and to the west country and is perhaps most famous for its broad High Street, lined with a variety of old and historical houses and Inns and shops. There are still markets down the centre of the High Street but on an ordinary day it is a long car park with a busy swirl of cars circling it in a pretty constant search for a parking place. On market days I believe it is busier, so if you want somewhere to park you might need to be a little creative and find other solutions. Still, it is a good place for a stroll. A walk from one end of the High Street to the other is a good way to take in the variety of shops, cafes and pubs along the way and get a feel for some of the history of the place.

So dodging various showers I did this walk – from St. Mary’s to St.Peter’s – the two churches at either end of the High Street – shown in my photos below.

I later managed to do a couple of ‘5 minute sketches’ of the views above – nothing fancy, with quick representations using blocks and shapes,,,

Quick sketches

I suspect there is also a lot more of Marlborough that is worth exploring. By the Town Hall there is a road called ‘The Parade’ that curves down the hill to a small square. This has the feel of an old road – perhaps the original old road leading off towards Savernake Forest and the road east.

Outside a wine bar a unique old car was parked up – ‘just popping into the wine bar’ in some style…

…and a bit further on, another fine old vernacular building happens to house an art gallery and old books shop – very quiet but friendly and welcoming. This was the first time I realised it existed. With more rain coming in it was time to head back – maybe to return when the weather improves?

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