The Eastern & Continental Store, Cowley Road, Oxford

Last month seemed to be mostly showers and rain but with enough gaps in the weather to still go out and do some urban sketching. My last post was of the Zaid Store on the Cowley Road in east Oxford. This post is just me catching up with another of my shop studies, this time of the Eastern & Continental store which is a little further along the road.

Here is a view of my initial sketch…

… and the scanned sketch…

Eastern & Continental sketch

Later, I added watercolour to produce this colour sketch.

Eastern & Continental – my colour sketch

One of the things I like about this view is the mural on the end wall of the house – and something of a feature of east Oxford is a variety of wall paintings, murals and what I’d randomly call ‘street art’. Here it is a rather faded view of a cricket match, which is similar to something you might find on an older Genesis album cover.

Here is another more modern example of a mural which is just a couple of minutes walk away, on Union Street. This is the work of local artist and muralist Mani Manson-Reeves together with Fusion Arts. Here are a couple of links – to Mani’s web site and Independent Oxford that also feature this (and other) east Oxford Murals.

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