Another sketch of the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford

The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford is one of the city’s more famous and prominent buildings. It is also a building I’ve done various sketches of over the years – perhaps with the objective of producing a more complete drawing one day – but also because I think it is good practice.

With that in mind I have headed back into Oxford to do some more sketching over the last couple of months. Oxford is busier now with a mixture of students, shoppers, tourists and a few locals. All seem to be either rushing somewhere or otherwise occupied. From here on to Christmas the crowds grow and the recent freezing temperatures discourage much outdoor sketching.

Below are some of my views and sketches of the Sheldonian this year…

From across the road (outside Blackwells Bookshop).

…with one of the colourful Oxford tour buses awaiting passengers…

My sketch.

And a scan of the above…

A scan of my sketch

I also did another slightly more whimsical sketch from a different angle – some people like to slant their buildings…

A more slanty sketch

For comparison here is an earlier and more detailed study from a couple of years ago.

The Sheldonian, Oxford

And as a little update – another watercolour sketch…

Adding watercolour – the Sheldonian

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