Swinbrook Church, Western Oxfordshire

One of the good things about living in Oxfordshire is that, if the weather is up to it, I get to go out and explore the countryside and take a sketchbook and camera along for the ride. I tend to avoid Oxford itself on a weekend, mostly because in these post-pandemic times it is just too busy. So venturing out into the countryside on a Saturday or Sunday can mean going out from the busy free-for-all of shopping urban crowds to relative quiet with few people around. Sketching is also good for this.

Swinbrook is a small village in the Windrush Valley – a few miles away from Burford, in West Oxfordshire. It is perhaps best known as the one time home of the Mitford Sisters after the family moved from nearby Asthall but it also has a good pub next to the river and an outstanding village church.

One Sunday in late October I set out to sketch the church despite a forecast of rain coming in later.

The outside of the church itself is plain enough, though it is set on platform of raised ground just up from the river valley, hinting at its earlier history. Inside the church there is an exceptional and unique monument to the Fettiplace Family.

Here is my view of the church…

…and my sketch.

My sketch of Swinbrook Church

As I drew the clouds rolled in and the light dulled with the arrival of the predicted rain – time to head back!

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