Sketching by the Oxford canal

It has been cold in England for the past couple of weeks and today the temperature is supposed to be getting up to a toasty -1 c. Nonetheless, being nice and sunny has been enough to tempt me to go out and do some sketching, which in my case means visiting a local frozen canal.

Here is a view – the canal itself was frozen to a depth of a couple of centimeters or a little less than an inch and the waters unusually clear – a good time to find dumped bicycles!

Perhaps it has been cold long enough for me to get used to it, but the sunshine makes sketching surprisingly pleasant although it also encourages you to draw or sketch more quickly. Below is my sketch in-situ…

… and here is a scan of the sketch so far. It is a bit rough and ready but I think there is also some potential for some watercolour here – I’ll keep you updated if and when that happens!

Frosty Canal sketch

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