Sketching the Randolph’s skyline : part 1

This week while visiting the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford I also tried the lunch at their rooftop restaurant – and very good it was too! However, being an urban sketcher, I was quite taken with the view of the rooftops from the Ashmolean to the Randolph Hotel opposite – and decided to return equipped with my sketchbook to attempt a drawing of this view.

Here is a view of that skyline:

On my return I settled down to draw and was left undisturbed to get on with this rather complicated drawing. There was a ‘nice drawing!’ from one of the waiters – which I appreciated.

Here is my drawing in-situ:

Later I scanned this – and this is the result so far:

My drawing of the Randolph skyline – part 1

It was a cloudy day – and quite windy – so the above sketch was enough for one session – time to move on and warm up. Hopefully, it might be a bit warmer when I return.

I’ve also done some previous drawings of the Randolph – though from ground level.

To view one of my previous posts, click on this link: ‘Drawing the Randolph Hotel

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