Drawing Old Tom Tower at Christ Church College, Oxford

Last Sunday I took a trip back into Oxford – partly to revisit the Ashmolean Museum and partly to also do a ‘sketching’ walkabout. Those of you who follow my posts will know I’ve started a panoramic sketch of the Randolph Hotel from the Ashmolean rooftop – and this is still in progress ( links at the bottom of this post). So after a little more sketching at the Ashmolean, I walked through the city centre to Christ Church College. The sunlight was shining off of the Old Tom Tower as it sometimes does and I decided to attempt a drawing of this imposing bell tower. Setting up opposite an ice-cream parlour, here is a photo of my view and sketch in progress.

From my photos you might be able to tell it was still pretty busy -I guess a lot of people like to go walkabout or visit the shops in Oxford on a Sunday. On this occasion there were quite a few people sneaking around to peek over my shoulder – that is o.k. since, if it were me, I’d probably do something similar – though I’m generally quite happy to show people my drawing if they show an interest. It is just one of the hazards of sketching, I suppose.

Here is my scanned sketch.

My sketch of Old Tom Tower, at Christ Church College, Oxford


Sketching The Randolph’s skyline, part 1

A view of Christ Church College from St. Aldgates

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