Cafe sketching in Ghent, Belgium

I’ve just got back from a short holiday to Ghent in Belgium – and of course took my sketchbook to do some drawing along the way. For an urban sketcher one of the easiest ways to sketch is to find a suitable cafe to draw from. That way you can do two things at once: have a tea or coffee or possibly some snacks – and do some sketching too.

So settling in to one of the picturesque canal-side cafe’s in central Ghent I did some drawing. Here is my view of the canal side…

… and here is my sketch in-situ. This was such a good spot that I actually went back to add to my drawing. That is quite a nice way to draw.

And here is a scan of my sketch.

From Korenlei Twee – my sketch

I managed several sketches – and will upload these in upcoming posts!

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