On Burgstraat, Ghent

On a recent holiday to Ghent in Belgium I took my sketchbook and between showers did some urban sketching. Here is my view of what I thought was probably a bar or cafe, but turns out to be restaurant. Its called ‘De Gekroonde Hoofden’ – which is a ribs restaurant !

Anyway this building is one of many old historic building around the centre of the city, although this one also happened to have a convenient bench opposite it. On a showery and quite windy day I took the time to draw the fine frontage as people and traffic rattled past. Here is my sketch in-situ.

One disadvantage of sketching on such a day is that after a while you need to move on and warm up – time to find another cafe!

Here is a scan of my drawing so far – I may add some watercolour at a later date.

My drawing of ‘De Gekroonde Hoofden’, Ghent

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