Daskalides, Ghent – sketching

Here is the last in a series or sketches done on holiday in Ghent, Belgium. It is a drawing of a row of shops next to the Gravensteen Castle. With this it was a matter of finding somewhere to draw from – eventually opting to stand amidst a mass of bicycle racks to draw the view below while avoiding the trams, pedestrians and parking cyclists.

Another photo, below, shows how busy this particular corner can be, with with that mix of trams, bikes, cyclists and pedestrians pretty much in the same space.

Still, it was fun drawing these buildings and I really like this Belgium/Dutch style of building with their old frontages and stepped gable ends. The ‘Daskilides’ in the title is is the name of one of the drawn shops – apparently a ‘chocolatier’, something that they specialise in in Ghent.

I did run out of time with this drawing, managing only a little more than in my drawing above. Later, back in England I put together some of my photos and had a look at the various Google street views to piece together some more of this drawing. This does tend to give you a distorted view of the perspectives involved but is still good practice in lieu of the real thing. Here is my finished drawing, below.

Daskilides, Ghent

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