Sketching Northleach

After a short holiday in Ghent, Belgium I’ve been trying to get out more – starting to revisit various Cotswold’s towns and places. Northleach is a town I’ve visited on the way and done some sketching in. It is a old market town, that has a big ‘wool’ church and most of the town built in Cotswold stone. Visiting on a Easter Friday it was actually pretty quiet, with just the odd cafe and shop open. Here’s my view from the main car-part looking towards the church.

This very much reminds me of a Tim Wilmot view. Tim is a well known watercolourist from Bristol, so it is highly likely that he has painted Northleach at sometime in his travels. This post is just my take on the view above.

Here’s my sketch…

Northleach sketch

and my simple watercolour.

Northleach – a simple watercolour

Below are a couple of links to a couple of my previous Northleach posts.

‘The Tudor House on the Green, Northleach’

‘A drawing of Dover House in Northleach’

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