A view of St John’s, Cirencester

Cirencester is about an hour’s drive from Oxford, so a bit of a trek but usually worth it. Over the years I’ve visited several times and have done a few sketches and watercolours of the town, but now looking through my previous posts I don’t seem to have posted any of them. So here is a little update.

Below is a photo of the ornate front of St. John’s, an outstanding church in the centre of the town. Most of my sketches are from around the church and it is pleasant enough drawing from the broad pavements of the Market Place. This is where the photo below was taken. The interior of the church is also well worth a visit, being both old and atmospheric.

Like many of the UK’s towns, Cirencester seems to be slowly recovering from the past couple of years. The town has quite a few interesting charity shops, eateries, a seemingly active arts scene and a good arts supplies shop amongst other things.

The photos below are towards the church from outside the arts shop. On my last visit the area next to the church had quite a lot of scaffolding and parked works vans. My watercolour is from an earlier visit but one good thing about watercolour is that you can leave things out and simplify if you like.


Here is my watercolour – ‘A view of St. John’s from the art shop’ !

A view of St. John’s from the art-shop

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