Sketching Merton Street in Oxford

Today the Sun came out for the first time in a while – and the rain held off, so I spent the afternoon walking around Oxford in search of viewpoints and light. Most of the city is still surprisingly busy, but with something like 24,000 students in residence that might to be expected. I however found a slightly quieter spot on Merton Street which runs parallel with the High Street.

Merton Street is home to several colleges and I sat opposite the imposing Merton College Chapel to draw the street. Part of its charm is that it is that it is still mostly cobbled – which also explains the general lack of traffic here, just the odd car and intrepid scooter delivery rider bouncing up and down – most seemingly a bit lost.

Here is a view of the street and another with my sketch for comparison.

You might also want to take a look at one of my earlier painting – I’ll include a link to my Merton College Chapel post.

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