Sketching Shakespeare’s Stratford – The Guildhall

With the sun shining, Spring appears to be finally here. I ventured out to Stratford Upon Avon. At this time of year the town was thankfully not too busy but in the high Summer the place can be awash with tourists.

On this visit it was quiet enough to find a seat and have lunch without too much bussel. Then wandering a short distance from the main drag the streets were relatively empty, mostly with just locals just going about their business.

The photo below is looking towards the old Guild Chapel, not far from the main touristy areas but again relatively quiet. On the right there is a small but good gallery.

Beyond the Chapel are a row of half-timbered buildings, these being the Guildhall and Shakespeare’s former school.

A view towards The Guildhall

After a visit to the gallery, I found a suitable corner and set to drawing the chapel and school from there. Here are some photos of my progress…

The Guild Chapel
Shakespeare’s former school
A slightly wobbly drawing

… And that is about as far as I got – time to head back.

I’ve since done some more work on this drawing – adding more of the School buildings, a bit more detail and some street furniture – but more of that in my next post…

Stratford in bloom

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