Stratford Guildhall – putting it together

My last post was about sketching in Stratford Upon Avon. This one is more about using that sketch to produce a painting.

Here is my slightly wobbly sketch of the Guild Chapel and school from yesterday…

A slightly wobbly sketch

… and my freshly drawn sketch ‘in-situ’

And the freshly drawn sketch on A3 paper

The next day I decided to add some more drawing and details from photos – here is a shot of overlapping drawings placed together.

Adding some more drawing later…

This is how my drawing looked after scanning and pasting together…

My drawing scanned and put together

The next stage was to apply colour. Here it’s a mixture of watercolours and acrylic paint. The acrylics tend to give it more of the look of an illustration but really the difference between a painting and ‘illustration’ is pretty arbitrary.

Applying paint to the drawing

Here is my finished painting. I’m quite pleased with it. I had thought to maybe add a sky – but in this case it is not entirely necessary.

My finished illustration

My last photo is just another more acute view along the half-timbered frontage of the school and Guildhall. With the sun coming around and throwing long shadows from the lamp-posts and signage this is all very Tim Wilmot-esque. Maybe one for another painting sometime?

Looking for ideas for other paintings

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