Back to Faringdon – a new panorama

Our bright English Spring seems to temporarily waning again, at least for a while, so I’ve been out trying to make the most of things.

I returned to the old coaching town of Faringdon to try my hand at another panorama. This is how I got on.

Faringdon Old Town Hall and the Market Square are at the centre of the town where the system of roads narrows down on the old coaching road. It was here I set up to draw and the montage of photos below illustrates this particular view.

I started off with a drawing of the buildings at the centre of these photos.

Sadler’s Deli

As you can see there are quite a jumble of lines in there…

Next I added the buildings around this.

Adding more buildings and detail

Here’s an enhanced and slightly more detailed version.

Faringdon Compo 3

This is what it looks like as a series of overlapping sheets of A3 – in progress.

In progress

And here is a version of the drawing with colour added. This is about as far as I have got on this particular painting and it might not be the final version. In particular, I’m not sure about adding a sky or not – something to ponder on…

and with paint added…

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