A Drawing of Dover House in Northleach

Northleach is a historic Cotswolds market town in Gloucestershire. It is mainly known for its impressive church, its small market and many fine Cotswold limestone houses. There are also a few surviving half-timbered buildings – one of which is the subject of one of my earlier watercolour drawings – The Tudor House on the Green, Northleach.

A few days ago I revisited the town on my travels and on a nice sunny May day settled down to draw an interesting building. This is Dover House and it has some intriguing architectural details including several small reused stone arches. This is a building with history and has been patched and repaired over the years. Uniquely, part of the house was apparently dismantled and transported wholesale to America by Henry Ford and now resides in Dearborn, Michigan.

Anyway it is an interesting building and while I was drawing it, it was obvious that the stone arches were also home to a jackdaws’ nest.

Here is my drawing in-situ…

Dover House – my sketch in-situ

And here is my finished drawing.

Northleach house

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