Drawing Oxford Broad Street

It has been a showery week but in the sunnier intervals I’ve been around Oxford some more and have completed several new sketches. A couple of days ago I managed to get into the city relatively early and drew some of the shops that front Broad Street – a mix of old buildings with colourful frontages.

Here’s a view of Broad Street when it was still relatively quiet. As I drew, it became gradually busier, with quite a few guides and tours, and people waking up and going to work. After about an hour there were so many vans and cars parked up that a lot of the view was obscured – and with shower clouds building it was time to move on.

Here is my almost finished sketch – with clouds looming.

Broad Street Sketch

And my finished drawing…

My finished drawing – Broad Street shops

After scanning and a bit of cleaning up, here is what the drawing looked like.

Broad Street shops – my drawing

Later I added some watercolour to bring out this colourful frontage. Here’s the result.

Broad Street shops- watercolour

That is about it for this particular sketch. I may go back and do some more; adding some windows to the buildings on the right and extending my drawings along these frontages – time and weather permitting.

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