Gees restaurant – a drawing and painting

Gees restaurant in north Oxford has recently been enlarged and redecorated. After months of being closed for building work, the hoardings came down and the finishing touches were added before the restaurant re-opened.

I’ve drawn Gees before without actually finishing a drawing, so one balmy summer evening I set up to try to actually finish one. Here is a photo of my nearly finished drawing in-situ. In this photo the light is beginning to go and it is almost time to pack up. One of the fun things about this drawing was to include some of the diners from the restaurant!

My sketch at Gees

Here is a scanned version of the drawing after cleaning it up a little and adding some more line.

Gees -my finished drawing

The next step was to add some watercolour. Here’s a desk view of my painting.

Gees watercolour at A4 size

That’s about it for this particular post. Below is a scan of the painting.

My finished watercolour

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