More from Castle Street, Oxford

The old ‘Liaison’ takeaway on Castle Street has perhaps seen better days but must have some sort of preservation order on it. Otherwise it would have been swallowed up in a complex of flats being built on the corner of Paradise Street and Castle Street. You might recognize this from previous posts but with the view from the other direction i.e. on Paradise Street.

I’ve been doing some more drawing in this direction from another one of my favorite spots – one of the large side windows in Oxford Central Library.

Here is the view from the library. From an urban sketchers perspective this is quite a daunting view to draw but also full of interest – particularly with the massed scaffolding and cranes above. So i thought I’d give it a go.

A view of the Liasion and building works on Castle Street

These are the results of my sketching, below.

Sketching from the library

On-going artwork

Here is a scan of the drawing.

The old ‘Liaison’ takeaway

I ran out of time (and paper) at the end – and would have liked to have added the tops of the two cranes above the building site – but maybe I can go back and add those another time?

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