Sketching on Faringdon Music Festival Day

I have done several drawings around the centre of Faringdon. Its old Town Hall and the interesting buildings around the Market Square are something of a favourite of mine and this is a post about my latest drawing and watercolour.

About a month ago I revisited the town to do some more sketching and found that the town was staging a small music festival. This was a pleasant bonus and it isn’t often that you can do some sketching while being entertained at the same time.

I set up outside one of the town’s old coaching inns and drew the scene below.

Starting my sketch

It was relatively quiet but with a cycle race (the Women’s Tour) expected to pass through these streets later, it steadily got busier. Perhaps slightly bizarrely, I was told that I might have to move as a giant inflatable pigeon was to be put up next to my vantage point! Happily, the pigeon and I managed to co-exist long enough for me to finish my drawing…

My finished sketch

And my drawing as a watercolour

By the time I’d finished it was becoming quite busy, so it was time to move on again – aiming to later catch the end of that cycle race in Oxford.

Here is a picture of that pigeon…

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