A Broad Street Panorama

One of my Oxford projects has been to draw a new panorama of the Clarendon Building and Sheldonian Theatre on Broad Street. I found a quiet spot outside the Weston Library – somewhere just tucked away enough to be out of the main thoroughfare. Because there is quite a lot of drawing involved I found it better to do it in two or three separate parts; starting with the Clarendon Building, then the Sheldonian and then adding various connecting lines and extras.

Here is a view of the Clarendon Building and my sketching progress.

A drawing in two parts

After three sessions sketching from the street I went back, joined up my drawings, added some connecting lines and a little extra detail. After scanning these, the result is the drawing below.

My finished drawing: A Broad Street Panorama

And with a little more work, here is my finished watercolour.

Broad Street Panorama

I am also putting this particular painting up on my Etsy shop as an A3 sized print – as per my photo below.

If you’d like to take a look you can view my Etsy shop via this link https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OxfordArtist

Broad Street Panorama – my finished print

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