Back to Faringdon

I went back to Faringdon, Oxfordshire, last week and sat for a while, drawing one of my favourite buildings there.

Sadlers and McColl’s, Faringdon

This is a view of The Sadlers – that’s the blue fronted deli and restaurant on the right of my picture. The building in the middle, with it’s quirky windows, steps and porch was once also a restaurant that was part of Sadlers. It is now a little worse-for-wear and presently up for sale.

Here is a view of my sketch progressing.

Sadlers – my sketch in-situ

Here is another view – as you can probably tell I sort of ran out of space at the top of this drawing but I was otherwise fairly happy with it.

Sadlers – my finished drawing

Here is my finished drawing – at least so far. I think this would make a good basis for a painting – so there may be another post later if I do actually manage to do this!

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