Asthall Church, West Oxfordshire – adding some colour

A while ago – back in September- I spent a afternoon sketching in the village of Asthall, west Oxfordshire. It was nice to get out from the hurly-burly of a busy weekend Oxford and enjoy the relative quite of the countryside. I settled on drawing the church which stands next to Asthall Manor. At the time I put up a post which you can open via this link ‘Two drawings of Asthall Church’.

Here is a photo and one of my drawings from that post.

My initial drawing of Asthall Church

I have tried a watercolour of this church but also on these cold, wet and cloudy winter’s days it is a good time to experiment with various graphic programs, sometimes to inform later paintings?

Here is the result of this latest foray – a nice simple but colourful view of Asthall Church.

Asthall Church – adding some colour

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