Sketching on Christ Church Meadows, Oxford

If it is not raining or too cold and dull I will sometimes make the short journey into Oxford on a Sunday – to explore a little and on the look out for drawing and sketching opportunities. With the weather clearing slightly on an otherwise dull day, I went for a walk around the Folly Bridge which crosses the river south of the city. I’ve done some sketching here before but today I decided to also take a walk along the river. This was surprisingly busy with many of the college racing crews out practicing.

Turning north there is a walk across the meadows to Christ Church College. This is also a favourite spot for sketch. Here’s one of my views of the Meadows Building as a watercolour.

The Meadows Building, Christ Church, Oxford

The Sun came out briefly to illuminate these buildings… and it’s not too dissimilar.

A short walk further and I decided to try sketching some of the buildings around the meadows.

This is about as far as I got with my sketch. With the light going and the temperature dropping it was time to move on again – maybe to return another time?

My finished sketch – Merton College and chapel

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The ‘Meadows Building’ at Christ Church Meadows

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