Back to Stonesfield – another sketch and watercolour

With the days lengthening slightly I’ve been trying to go out and do some more sketching. Here in Oxfordshire its been frosty with freezing nights but also a few days where the Sun comes out. Although far from warm that’s enough for me to go out to explore.

One Oxfordshire village that I’ve drawn before is Stonesfield – I will add some links at the bottom of this post.

This time I went back to a farm track just outside the village and re-drew a panoramic landscape.

Here is my view in late afternoon sunlight.

My sketch of the above…

A panoramic sketch of Stonesfield

With the Sun going down and the shadows beginning to stretch out it was time to go home. I later added some watercolour. Here is a cropped view.

Comparing this with my earlier post – ‘Drawing Stonefield’ – the light is different and the trees have that bare late winter look – though not so much in my watercolour version!

Links to previous Stonesfield posts:-

Drawing Stonesfield – a landscape view

The Old Bakehouse, Stonesfield

Also for comparison here is a sketch of to the nearby village of Charlbury

A watercolour view of Charlbury

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