Sketching the Randolph Hotel -part 2

A couple of weeks ago I was sketching the Randolph Hotel’s skyline from the rooftop restaurant at the Ashmolean Museum. This is in a previous post ‘Sketching the Randolph’s skyline – pt. 1’. Since then the weather has not been too good – with snow, rain and wind. However yesterday the temperatures rose a little and, though it was still a windy day, it was a good day to go back and do some more sketching. This was especially so since everyone else was inside, behind the double glazing, leaving the rooftop area just to me.

Here is a view of one of my sketches in-situ.

After about an hour it was time to pack up – the bar was closing and some rain showers starting to come back in -that was all right since I’d more or less finished. Time to go back, scan my sketches and put them together as a more panoramic view; below

With this done it was time to break out the watercolours and start painting. Here is how I got on…

The Randolph skyline – some simple colours
The Randolph skyline – my finished watercolour

That is about it for this particular watercolour – you may also want to check-out a line drawing of the Randolph I did earlier:

‘Drawing the Randolph Hotel, Oxford’

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