Back in Turville

My last post was about my sketching travels during the south Oxfordshire Artweeks – and visiting Watlington and Turville. Here’s a photo of a view of the small green and the church at Turville – note the rain clouds about to add another downpour…

I did a drawing of this view sitting in my deckchair or taking shelter in the car when the rain got too heavy. When drawing in conditions like this it is often a matter of making a decision of either taking shelter or continuing. Here the limiting factor is sometimes your sketch book becoming soggy – when that happens it is best to stop!

Still, with passing showers, an umbrella or temporarily taking shelter I finished my sketch. Here is a view of my completed drawing of the above.

Sketching Turville

A couple of days later, in better weather, I returned and took the opportunity to do some more sketching – this time of the cottage shown on the left of my sketch above. This cottage is perhaps better known as ‘Geraldine’s Cottage’ in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ series. This is my view from the bench outside the church…

…and my finished sketch from this viewpoint.

My sketch of ‘Geraldine’s Cottage’, Turville

Continuing on, I drove on through the narrow lanes to the pub in the nearby hamlet of Christmas Common – this the subject of my next post.

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