The Cowley Road Baptist Centre, East Oxford

The Cowley Road in east Oxford turns out to be one of the more rewarding places for me to sketch and I’ve done a few posts from this busy and jumbled road (thumbnails and links at the end). My latest is a view of the Baptist centre which I think also doubles as an arts centre at various times throughout the year.

I sat across across the road, outside the various eateries there to do my sketch – here is my view…

…and sketch in-situ.

For this particular drawing I later went back and added a bit more detail. So after a bit more work and shading, here is a scan of my finished drawing…

The Cowley Road Baptist Centre

… and of my slightly garish watercolour !

The Cowley Road Baptist Centre :Adding watercolour

Other posts from the Cowley road…

Pippa Pig on the Cowley Road, Oxford

The Zaid Store on Cowley Road, Oxford

Sketching Shops on the Cowley Road, East Oxford

The Eastern & Continental Store, Cowley Road, Oxford

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